Canada Goose Iron Grey WindBridge full-zipper sweater

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2018 Black Friday Canada Goose Outlet Sale Iron Grey WindBridge full-zipper sweater

This canada goose outlet Wear this sweater, crafted from ultra-fine merino wool and durable fabrics, to give you perfect protection in cold weather. The rugged design of the collar is more effective against strong winds and unpredictable weather. The use of Thermal Mapping® technology below and along the upper back helps improve temperature regulation and air flow.

feature of product
Excellent wind protection, 100% merino fleece lining, giving you warmth in volatile weather
An innovative process that mixes nylon and merino wool to create this breathable, breathable sweater
Side pockets are lined with knitted fabrics on the side of the joints to enhance comfort and warmth
Thermal MappingTM technology on the upper back for optimal warmth and breathability
Traceable, uncut, flies-proof ultra-fine merino wool, spun and woven in Italy
Canada Goose black label disc on left sleeve
Washing instructions
Only dry clean



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